University of Minnesota


Assisting Fellow Students in Distress

Students with pre-existing mental health conditions are entering colleges and universities in unprecedented numbers. As a result, it is important that mental health be recognized as a campus-wide, public health issue that is most effectively addressed through collaboration and partnerships at all levels of student contact. Students have an important role to play in responding to mental health issues that often go unrecognized. They may have questions about when and how to respond to other students who are in distress. Students who receive this training will have an opportunity in the future to provide similar training to other students.

The training will highlight:

  • the state of mental health issues on campus
  • the valuable role that students play in a broad public health approach to mental health
  • the existing campus resources that can support them when they want to help other students
  • the information available on the mental health web site at
  • effective ways for students to identify, approach, support and refer fellow students in distress

If you have questions about the training, please contact Matt Hanson, PhD, LP, at 612-626-0150, or

Twin Cities Campus: