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Student Veterans may face additional challenges than those encountered by traditional students. Although the experience of military training and deployment provides opportunities for positive growth such as the development of discipline, responsibility, maturity, and leadership skills, other events can have negative consequences such as being distanced from family, having one’s life placed at risk, and having experienced the loss of fellow soldiers in combat. These latter events can be associated with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder in some veterans.

Veterans are often older and may not feel as connected with their younger classmates. They are more likely to have dealt with other significant life events such as marriage and the raising of children. The possibility of being redeployed looms over some veteran’s academic schedules. The transition from a highly structured life to one with less structure and greater independence can be difficult to adapt to for some veterans. Veterans may also have unique disabilities related to injuries experienced in combat.

The following resources are available for Student Veterans on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus who may need assistance reintegrating into the academic environment or dealing with the emotional consequences of reintegration or their military experience. Additional off-campus resources for veterans and their families are also listed below.

24-Hour Crisis Intervention, Counseling, Information and Referral:

VA Linkvet: 1-888-LINKVET (546-5838)

Campus Resources:

Off Campus Resources:

Suggested Reading and Video Programs:

Students Assisting Students

In 2012, an interactive training tool was developed to provide actual practice in student-student dialogs and making mental health referrals: Students Assisting Students: Interactive Mental Health Training.

We are also working with instructors on identifying, addressing and supporting mental health. View the Joint Task Force Report on Student Mental Health Download PDF.

Twin Cities Campus: