University of Minnesota

Visa and Immigration Issues

Students and scholars who are experiencing stress or mental health related difficulties which challenge their ability to maintain their immigration status can consult with the counselors at ISSS to explore their options. Seeking help or speaking with a counselor regarding stress or mental health issues does not affect your immigration status.

If health related issues cause a student to be unable to maintain a full course load, reduced course load authorization from ISSS may be available while the student seeks assistance or is coping with the effects of stress or mental health related problems.

If the student needs additional time to achieve their academic goals or finish her or his program within the time limits previously set, due to mental health related issues, a program extension may be possible and the student should contact ISSS for more information.

When a student or scholar is out of status, a reinstatement of legal status might be possible if the reason why status was not maintained is due to mental health related issues. Again ISSS should be contacted as soon as possible.

It is important that you seek professional help from one of the agencies providing care, counseling and other assistance because many of the above described options require documentation from a professional care provider in order to qualify. Please contact ISSS for more specific information.

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