University of Minnesota

Cultural Adjustment Issues

Many international students/scholars who are new to the University of Minnesota experience difficulty with cultural adjustment on some level.  “Culture Shock” is very common and is a natural part of acclimating to your new surroundings.  Living in a culture different from your own is an exciting and often challenging experience.  Aside from finding housing, registering for courses, and getting to know a new city, you will probably go through a transition while adapting to the new culture. 

Culture Shock can be very mentally and even physically stressful. There are on-campus resources for you during this period of time. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is a place for you to discuss your experience with trained professionals, as well as get involved in programs that are designed for handling special issues such as cultural adjustment.

Along with individual counseling, ISSS offers group programs such as Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups and Small World Coffee Hour, which are meant to give international students an additional opportunity to interact with other members of the student body. Please contact ISSS for more specific information.

Twin Cities Campus: