University of Minnesota

Academic Difficulties

Sometimes international students experience academic difficulty, despite the fact that they have been highly successful academically in their home countries. They may face the same types of academic difficulties that U.S. students face, such as test anxiety, difficulty with concentration, or time management. Some difficulties may be related to their unique situation as international students.

It is possible that a variety of differences in the education systems exist between the U.S. and other countries.  Some examples could be academic writing style, test formats, amount of student participation expected in the classroom, large and small group discussions, and note-taking practices to name a few.

One place to get assistance especially designed for you as an international student/scholar is International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). If you would like to discuss your situation and discover resources and options, just call ISSS and ask to speak with a counselor.  ISSS has specially trained counseling staff who work with F and J students and scholars on academic issues.  The goals are to assess the difficulties and come up with solutions. Please contact ISSS for more specific information.

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