Stamp Out Stigma

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Stamp Out Stigma educates the University of Minnesota community about mental health concerns, promotes access to mental health resources and creates a supportive environment for students, faculty and staff affected by mental illness.

Our goals

In keeping with national, regional, and campus-wide initiatives, Stamp Out Stigma partners across the university are working to reduce the stigma associated with mental health concerns.
The SOS campaign that was ran in 2007 aimed to:
- increase knowledge about mental health concerns and how to address them
- decrease myths about mental illness
- increase access to mental health services
- create a more supportive education climate for students with mental health concerns
A key component of the program is involvement of stakeholders throughout the University of Minnesota community. Through partnerships with students, faculty, staff, parents and administrators, we hope to combat stigma on multiple fronts.

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Speaking out

An important message about mental health from former President Bruininks