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Student Mental Health

Twin Cities Campus


During their time at the University it is possible that your student may need to access professional assistance to deal with problems related to stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and other issues.  The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, offers a number of services to assist students with these and other mental health challenges. 


Counseling services are available at Boynton Health Service’s Mental Health Clinic and Student Counseling Services.  In addition, students with psychiatric disabilities can receive support and assistance at Disability Resource Center.  Both Boynton and UCCS sponsor a number of support groups for various issues including anxiety and eating disorders.

If your student was receiving professional mental health assistance prior to attending the University and they would like to continue to receive assistance, they should contact either Boynton Health Service’s Mental Health Clinic or University Counseling and Consulting Services to facilitate a successful transition.

While at the University it is possible that your student may be dealing with issues such as depression, stress, alcohol misuse, and other concerns.  You can find information that will help you to support them at the following websites Understanding Today’s Students and Assisting Students in Distress.

Mental Health and the College Student Online Workshop

This online workshop addresses some of the most common mental health concerns that our campus experts hear from parents of University students. We encourage parents to view these materials as introductory information, and to consult with the resources found here at the University of Minnesota or in their own communities for more in-depth information or to address any specific concerns.

University Parent Newsletter

In each issue of the University Parent newsletter, a counselor from University Counseling & Consulting Services addresses questions from parents of our students.

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