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Medication Options

Treatment with Medication

Medications are one approach to treatment for mental health issues. However, response to medication is generally best when combined with counseling or therapy. Medications have been shown to be effective for common issues encountered in college and university students including depression, anxiety and worry, obsessions and compulsions, anxiety/panic attacks, social anxiety, mood fluctuations, irritability, inattention, sleep disturbance, and unusual thought patterns, as well as other problems.

Choosing to take medication

Students and/or their parents are sometimes reluctant to consider medication options. Often this is due to a misunderstanding of the biological contribution to mental illness and/or how these medications work.  For example, many are under the misunderstanding that antidepressant medications produce an artificial happiness or are addicting. This page offers information about medications used for treating emotional and cognitive problems to assist the student in making an informed decision about whether this is an option that they would like to pursue.

Where medication treatment is offered on campus

The primary resource for medication management for full time students on the Twin Cities Campus is Boynton Health Service's Mental Health Clinic External Link. Boynton Health Service's Primary Care Clinic External Link is also an option for students experiencing their first bout of anxiety, depression or sleep disturbance or who are already responding well to a medication or desire to resume a previously effective medication. The Twin Cities campus is also fortunate to be located in a large urban area with extensive mental health resources.

Common Questions about Antidepressants Download PDF

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