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Confidential individual and group counseling can be a helpful way to address problems related to life stress, academic difficulties, career concerns, and personal concerns such as relational difficulties or depression. A counselor will not try to "fix" your problems or make you do anything. Instead he or she can ask questions and make observations that may help you get new perspectives on your concerns, and new ideas on how to solve them.

There are two primary options for counseling at the University of Minnesota:

1.  Mental Health Clinic at Boynton Health Service External Link

Up to eleven counseling visits per 12-month period are offered at the Boynton Health Service Mental Health Clinic. Options include:

  • individual and couple counseling/psychotherapy
  • urgent consultation
  • a variety of group therapies
  • social work assistance
  • chemical health assessment and treatment

Medication assessment/management is also available at the Mental Health Clinic.

2.  Student Counseling Services External Link

Offers individual and group counseling, career and personality testing, and crisis counseling. Options include:

  • Personal counseling to address mental health issues (e.g. depression, anxiety) relationship concerns, and/or stress-related concerns
  • Career counseling to assist with choice of major and career decision-making
  • Academic counseling to address barriers to academic success (e.g., procrastination, motivation, perfectionism)
  • Study skill assistance
  • Crisis consultation

Please refer to Disability Accommodations to learn how to meet with a Disability Specialist.
Please refer to International Students to learn about counseling services unique to international students needs. 

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