Alcohol Resources & Assessment

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Indicators of Trouble With Drugs and/or Alcohol

(Adapted from “How to Help a Friend With a Drinking Problem” by The American College Health Association)

The following is a list of indicators that will help to alert you to possible substance abuse problems.
There is no magic number or combination of indicators which definitively prove that a person has a substance misuse or abuse problem.

However, the existence of several indictors may indicate a pattern of behavior that may need to be investigated further. In such instances you may wish to consult with an individual who has professional experience in dealing with substance misuse/abuse problems.

Boynton Health Service’s health educators provide information to students on the physical, emotional, legal and social effects of chemical use and conduct monthly DWI and alcohol awareness classes. For questions about alcohol assessments, please contact Boynton's Mental Health Clinic at 612 624-1444.

Please keep in mind that the college years are a time when students undergo a number of changes in behavior, attitudes, etc., as they adjust to the collegiate environment. Some of these changes may resemble indictors of a problem with alcohol or other drugs.


Physical Social
Emotional Specific Behaviors

Physical Indicators:

Emotional Indicators:

Cognitive Indicators:

Social Indicators:

Specific Behaviors: